Is Roku Down Right Now?

If your Roku device is down and currently not working, then it may be due to various reasons. But you don’t need to worry as here are suggesting some steps through which you can sort out the problem.  Browser Related Problems Force a full refresh of the web page. This may be achieved by pressing CTRL + … Continue reading Is Roku Down Right Now?

Frequently Buffering For Long Time Period

Sometimes you may have trouble with streaming video frequently buffering and downgrading quality on your Roku device. It may be possible that you have kept your router near to the equipment, but still, you may face trouble. Internet service provider can also be a reason this. As the internet speed at night get decrease that … Continue reading Frequently Buffering For Long Time Period

What Is Roku and How It Is Used

Roku is a small device that connects to the internet and your TV. You install various channels on it. Then those channels stream video content to your TV. Roku is famous for it's out of the box features and an unmatched video streaming experience. There are various types of Roku Device- Roku TV: Roku TV … Continue reading What Is Roku and How It Is Used